Couple Enrichment

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Intensive Marriage and Couples Counselling
with Husband and Wife Co-Therapy Team

Does it feel like you have fallen out of love?
Have you been hurt by your partner’s infidelity
Is it a challenge to communicate openly?
Do you yearn for more closeness and intimacy?

Take heart. You are not alone. Many couples struggle just like you. Even the most committed couples face challenges that may threaten the safety and security of their relationships.

Couples feel secure when they work as a team, learn to express their love with honesty and integrity, take each other into account, fight “well”, and learn to repair quickly.

Our Couple Therapy approach focuses on encouraging you to know each other more deeply, stay securely connected, and feel safe in each other’s care.

Louise Dorfman & David Rubinstein
Registered Psychotherapists

We are married partners, parents, and close friends. As your couple co-therapists, we will have both your interests at heart.

Create a Vision That Works for Both of You

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