Why Couples Choose our Intensive Counselling Retreat

In our 20 years working together as marriage and couples co-therapists, we have observed that clients who begin therapy intensively progress more quickly from the counselling experience. That’s why couple intensives have been at the heart of our work.

Our new office, in a quiet area 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa, provides the privacy needed to gain the most out of your intensive therapy sessions. In this peaceful environment, we can create a safe and secure space to begin the process of relationship repair or relationship enrichment.

You might want to consider attending a private counselling intensive if

  • you have been feeling disconnected
  • your relationship is at a standstill
  • you are struggling to overcome feelings of betrayal
  • you have discussed divorce, you are separated, and are considering reconciliation

Attending our retreat will help you turn things around. As your husband-and-wife co-therapists, we will guide you through the process so that your relationship moves forward in a more positive direction. You will become clearer about the principles that will guide your relationship forward.

Leaving work and family pressures behind — as well as the time restraints associated with weekly couples counselling — you will gain new insights about yourself and your partner. You will begin to develop a relationship that is built on safety and security, mutuality, and respect.

Please note: This Retreat is just for the two of you. It is not a workshop, so the time that you spend with us will relate directly to what is challenging you. Our goal is to help you become more secure-functioning as a couple. We will help you create a clear framework for moving forward.

Who Typically Comes to a Private Couple Intensive?

We have worked successfully with both married and non-married heterosexual and same-sex couples. Many have come to us when they were:

  • caught up in constant arguing
  • hurt by infidelity / betrayal
  • lacking emotional and physical intimacy
  • feeling “out of love”

If you are having trouble communicating, if you long for more intimacy, if you want to be more united as parents, or if you dream of making a good relationship even better, our Couple Intensive will provide you with an exciting opportunity for relationship repair and enrichment.

If your relationship has been lacking emotional or physical intimacy  — if you can’t stop triggering each other negatively — or if infidelity has kept you apart, this Intensive will give you the time to:

  • engage in heart-to-heart talk and open dialogue
  • develop active listening skills
  • practise staying connected during difficult conversations
  • gain greater insight into how you operate as a couple
  • build self-confidence and trust in each other
  • create the foundation for a more emotionally secure relationship

What Happens at a Private Couple Intensive?

During your Couple Intensive, you will meet with us for 3-4 hours each day. We do not give you homework assignments. All the work is done in session. The remainder of the day will give you an opportunity to spend time together as actively or as quietly as you like. We will encourage you to continue the process that you have begun with us in the sessions.

Our Intensive Retreat is equal to weekly or bi-weekly couples counselling that you might attend typically over a 3-to-6 month period, but you will benefit from the intrinsic value of being together and being focused on your relationship over a few successive days. Over 3 days, the continuity that you will have from one session to another will help you feel more connected more quickly as a couple. You will begin to understand each other more deeply, learn more practical skills, and quickly gain knowledge about what will make your relationship work. You will move forward faster and you will do so as a team.

We know that you will benefit, no matter how challenging the issues that you bring us. You will have our full attention and expertise during each session, and you will be able to call or write to us for further assistance as you begin to practice all that you have learned when you leave for home.

Our Couple Intensive Retreat includes…

  • private couple counselling sessions (with one or two therapists in attendance)
  • 10.5 session hours counselling over three days (midweek or weekend)
  • 1.5 hour followup session (in-person or using secure videoconferencing)

Of course, we will support you beyond the completion of your retreat and followup sessions. Additional counselling is scheduled in two to three-hour time blocks, based on our hourly fee.

One or Two Therapists?

We are both licensed clinicians with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).  We have been working as co-therapists (i.e. both of us in the room with each couple) for over 20 years. Clients who have attended our co-therapy Intensives say that our couple-to-couple counselling approach is a particularly enriching experience for them. They benefit from the double input and easy interplay of two married therapists, with very different personalities, who have personally experienced the highs and lows that come along with any long-term relationship.



For the most part, we work as co-therapists. We do not work with you separately as individuals, so there are always four of us in the room. Most Intensives take place in our main office in Ottawa, Ontario. The fee for a “couple-to-couple” Counselling Intensive at our Ottawa location is $4,200 (+HST) CAD. This includes 10.5 hours counselling with both of us over 3 days, followed by a 1.5 hour on-site or videoconference session within the next 3-4 weeks (12 hours in all).

One Therapist

If you choose to work with either one of us alone, our Intensive Fee is $2,100 (+HST) CAD. This includes 10.5 hours counselling with one therapist over 3 days, followed by a 1.5 hour on-site or videoconference session within the next 3-4 weeks (12 hours in all).

Accommodations are not included in our Ottawa Intensive Counselling Retreat fee.

If you have budgetary concerns, you can choose one of us as your therapist for the Retreat. We will help you decide whether one or two therapists would work best for you during the initial phone consult.

Scheduling your Intensive Counselling Retreat

Because each Intensive Retreat is tailored to the individual counselling needs and financial abilities of our clients, we ask you to call us to discuss payment plans and availability. We will talk about your expectations, address your immediate concerns, and outline the benefits of intensive counselling with one or two therapists over three days. If you are interested in proceeding with an Intensive, we will look at open dates on our calendar that suit with your schedule.

Intensive Retreats are booked based on our availability. If you are able to come midweek, we may have more flexibility, as the weekends tend to fill up more quickly.

Check our Events Calendar for some available dates.


If you are travelling from out-of-town to our Ottawa office, you will be responsible for arranging your own accommodations (minimum two nights).  In the Client Info section, you will find information about Accommodations and links to Ottawa Attractions.

Off-site locations
When we meet outside of Ottawa — in Toronto, Kingston or Montreal — we typically book a hotel suite for our sessions, and our Intensive Counselling Retreat fee is adjusted accordingly.

Where in Canada

We usually meet clients at our main office in Ottawa, Ontario (location provided when you schedule your first appointment).

In Kingston, Ontario, we meet at the Delta Kingston Waterfront Hotel or the Four Points by Sheraton. When we are in the Toronto or Montreal area, we arrange a hotel that has the best seasonal rate during the time.

Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston and Montreal are very interesting cities steeped in Canadian history, and they each offer many attractions and dining experiences that will make your visit together enjoyable.

For More Information or to Schedule a Retreat

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